Meet the Maker: Q&A with Rose Electra Harris

Meet the Maker: Q&A with Rose Electra Harris

  • 05 May, 2020
  • Alara Dural


We recently commissioned the incredibly talented Rose Electra Harris to create three unique pieces of artwork for our beloved Berber Blonde, Tiger by Her Side and Jaipur Chant fragrances. The artworks tell key parts of the Sana Jardin Story. We’ve been following Rose’s journey for a few years and wanted to get to know a little more about her inspirations… 


Tell us about you… what influences you and your work?  

The everyday is a big influence on my work; our homes, objects we surround ourselves with, ordinary or decorative. I’ve been very lucky growing up in a family where creativity has been hugely encouraged. My dad was an antique dealer with an amazing eye so always housed beautiful pieces before selling them on. My mum is a designer –in the past she’s made jewellery, designed interiors and recently she’s started her own wallpaper business with my sister, who too is an interior designer. I’d say they are my biggest influence and how important the home is to me. I studied at Brighton so used to visit Charleston (the home of the Bloomsbury group’s Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant) most weekends. I love how objects speak to one another when placed in certain settings; how beautiful so many objects are, like a simple chair or vases of flowers.  

In terms of artists, Matisse is my biggest and most consistent influence but others such as Betty Woodman, Patrick Heron, Milton Avery, Craigie Aitchinson and Raoul Dufy all inspire my work on a daily basis.  


If there is such thing as a normal working day, what does it look like? 

When I’m in London, I wake up early and take my dog Jabba to Peckham Rye with a coffee stop on the way. Then I spend all day at my studio with another walk in the afternoon. I spend Wednesdays at my amazing shared print studio in Stockwell called Slaughterhaus. I’ve been printing there since I left Brighton in 2015 and it’s such a great place.  


What do you feel makes Sana Jardin special? 

I loved Sana Jardin’s story straight away built on the principles of a circular economy. I think it is SO important the idea of women empowering women and how Sana Jardin has allowed so many women in these regions of Morocco to work more consistently and start their own businesses whilst supporting themselves. It is easy to overlook how incredibly lucky a lot of us are to have this freedom.  

I also felt a big pull towards the brand because of its association with Morocco, which continues to have an enormous influence on my work.  


What is your earliest scent memory? 

My Granny wearing Chanel No.5 


There’s something special about women empowering women – do you have a life motto/favourite quote or best piece of advice that you use time and time again? 

Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”  - Brene Brown. 


When do you feel most empowered? 

When I make something I am proud of.  


What is the best part of your job? 

I recently made two drawing class videos from home with Partnership Editions and seeing the response and people’s own drawings from the class was so gratifying. It’s such a strange and horrible time and seeing that I did something to bring a little joy to people was incredibly rewarding.  


What are your favourite flowers? And why? 

Sweet Pea’s as they remind me of home and my Mother’s garden. They are so delicate and smell amazing! 


Which is your favourite Sana Jardin scent? 

Berber Blonde 


Artwork for Berber Blonde scent by Rose Electra Harris. 

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