Toxin-Free Hand-Care Products to keep your hands nourished

Toxin-Free Hand-Care Products to keep your hands nourished

  • 16 April, 2020
  • Alara Dural

Toxin-Free Hand-Care Products to keep your hands nourished 

It might not come as a surprise that ‘Hand Soap & Sanitizer’ is one of the fastest growing e-commerce categories at the moment, having increased +262% in the US in the last year (as at March 2019). Excuse the rather technical intro(!) ( 

Is anyone else washing their hands obsessively?! At times like these, this daily habit we tend to do without thinking has become a constant consideration, a topic of conversation and has led to some new safe care needs… Excessive hand washing is causing severe irritation and dryness for so many.  

As sustainability and social consciousness lies in the DNA of Sana Jardin, we wanted to highlight some of the toxin-free hand care brands and products which are worth trying if you too are trying to manage drying, sensitive and sore hands. 


Haoma Hand Sanitizer 

This award-winning sanitizer is made from fair-trade sugarcane ethanol blended with Organic Tea Tree and Sweet Orange essential oil which smells divine! 100% natural and certified organic. 

Hand sanitizer is hot property right now, but we’re delighted that our favourite one isn’t out of stock. Grab yours at your closest Planet Organic store. 


Pai – Acton Spirit Hand Sanitizer 

At a time when the world seems to have run out of Sanitizer, another brand we can count on is Pai. What is so special about their hand Sanitizer? This is more than just product, it is also a way to give back to others; Pai Skincare is a brand for people suffer from sensitive skin and severe skin problems such as Eczema and Rosacea. If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about harsh sanitizers, you don’t have to think twice when purchasing this hand sanitizer as its made of 5 ingredients in total. 

Don’t forget… Their “When you buy One, Gift One campaign means for every order placed, an NHS frontline worker, carer, homeless charity or beauty bank will receive a donation of magical Acton Spirit Hand Sanitizer.” ( 


Weleda – Skinfood 

Weleda, not a new brand- their history dates back to the 20’s where they started as a pharmaceutical lab, a firm grounding for the natural cosmetics products they produce today.

Skin-Food is a product that stands by its name. You may have spotted Weleda during LFW, they created a Skin Food Sanctuary SPA for models during Fashion Week. Skin Food Moisturizer is the answer for your dry skin from head to toe. This green tube will work it’s magic and will transform your dry hands into silky smooth baby-like hands.  


Grown Alchemist Hand Cream (Vanilla, Orange Peel) 

You may have heard of ‘food Alchemy’ but what about ‘skin Alchemy’? Grown Alchemist is where science meets beauty. The founders of the brand have developed a trademarked beauty formula called “Bio-Compatible Beauty” based on the 3 skincare principles: Cleanse, Detox and Activate. As great as it sounds, all their products are natural and toxin-free. 

If you are looking for a non-greasy hand cream, we may have found the perfect suggestion. Rich with antioxidant ingredients such as grape seed and Rosehip oil, this hand cream is nourishing and highly moisturizing. The best part? It’s non-greasy so you can continue your days as usual after applying. On a side note, we also love the minimalist touch of its packaging. 

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