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Savage Jasmine Eau de Parfum Sample (2ml)

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Jasmine is legendary as one of the most seductive notes in perfumery, and this scent’s heart of jasmine absolute essential oil is among its more potent forms. Also linked to wellbeing and optimism, jasmine is often tempered by other notes in perfumery, but here, it is practically stripped bare - raw and intoxicating, with just a whisper of musk to anchor it. It pays olfactory homage to those balmy summer evenings where the scent of night blooming jasmine fills the air, heightening the senses.

Sana Jardin aims to improve women’s economic status through scent, working with female harvesters to ‘upcycle’ and sell the floral waste from the perfume-making process.

All our fragrances are free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes

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