8 reasons to stock up on Valentine’s Gifts at Sana Jardin

8 reasons to stock up on Valentine’s Gifts at Sana Jardin

  • 06 February, 2020
  • Emily Taylor

What to get the person who means most to you? Here are 8 reasons why we feel our scents make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.


  1. If you’re reading this you might already know about our purpose here at Sana Jardin. We sit at the intersection of luxury and humanity, building flourishing, self-starting and self-sustaining communities is at the heart of everything we do. We do this through our Beyond Sustainability Movement – a model that sees us up-recycle the waste from perfumery into a line of products which is created and sold by the female flower harvesters we work with in Morocco. Previously they had employment just three times a year, but through the Beyond Sustainability Movement they receive the materials and skill training they need to achieve year-round income and economic stability.
  2. Our mission to empower the women who touch our scents at every point in the journey, from the female flower harvesters at the beginning of the journey, to our lovely wearers. 
  3. We are proud to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, to empower women (goal 5), promote sustainable economic growth with full, productive employment (goal 8), and ensure sustainable production practices (goal 12).
  4. Each Eau de Parfum and candle features jasmine, rose or orange blossom handpicked by female flower harvesters, whilst chanting - a centuries-old tradition and a practice thought to honour the soul of the flowers. Because of this we feel like there is an extra bit of love and spiritual energy in every bottle of Sana Jardin perfume.
  5. With pure flowers and no phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes, our perfumes are clean to the very core! Our candles are also free from chemical nasties.
  6. Flowers are at the heart of everything we do at Sana Jardin – are scents are high in essential oils. We’re drawn to their healing powers. Our scents harness the healing life force of plants and flowers, with the capacity to transport, lift our feminine energy, alter our vibrational aura and awaken us to the divine spirit. We like to think of our fragrances as power in a bottle.
  7. Sometimes the best gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend or family member is a floral bouquet that’s longer lasting than fresh flowers.
  8. In this age of conscious consumerism it’s nice to show and share with others you values and desires to be socially responsible. 

Shop conscious Valentine'd Day gifts now.

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