In conversation with Mina Khalouk, Annamaa

In conversation with Mina Khalouk, Annamaa

  • 07 March, 2020
  • Emily Taylor

1. How long have you been harvesting flowers from the region?

For a very long time now.


2. Did you have any other jobs prior to flower harvesting?

We take any work we can.


3. What is your role in the cooperative?

We all contribute to whatever needs doing in the cooperative. (She is one of 3 women who can write)


4. Tell us about your hopes for your children? 

I have two sons, 13 and 15. I am a single mom and it isn't easy. One son is in school and one dropped out. I hope they are healthy as to be healthy is everything.

Maybe I hope for a husband, or maybe not. Ha! (the ladies had a good laugh)


5.Which flower is your favourite? And why?

Rose, it's beautiful, you should see the fields of rose in April.

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