Unexpected Uses Of Flowers

Unexpected Uses Of Flowers

  • 20 March, 2020
  • Alara Dural

Flowers: Outside the box

Traditionally, flowers might have been a way to gift our loved ones, decoration for our homes, or a treat to oneself. More recently however the Sana Jardin team have been so excited and inspired by some of the breathtakingly beautiful ways people are using flowers in art, fashion, food and events…

Lewis Miller 

Imagine passing this on your morning commute! Floral artist, Lewis Miller, makes other-worldly flower installations using excess or pre used flowers. A strong reminder that one man’s trash is most certainly another man’s treasure. Creating a positive and emotional impact through embellishing trash cans, phone booths and many more spaces with beautiful flower arrangements, “The Flower Flash” experiment in NYC would undoubtably brighten up our day!


Few do floral fashion quite like Rodarte. Many of their collections feature floral designs and runway shows use flowers to embellish their models, creating a fairytale like experience. 

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law creates staggeringly beautiful artworks made with natural materials, with a focus on flora. Law tries to create and unusual way of looking at beauty and connecting humanity and nature through her installations.


Floral Angels

Floral Angels recycles flowers from events, weddings and retailers to transform them into beautiful arrangements donating these to communities in need. We had the pleasure in collaborating with Flower Angels during our wreath making workshop where all upcycled posies where turned into bouquet and donated to Floral Angels. 

Bruce Broyd

Bruce Broyd is a photographer who showcases the beauty and destruction of flowers through frozen flower images. The “O ̊C” Project is a creative collaboration between artist Tharien Smith and Bruce where both artist were in search to find a unique way to photograph flowers.

Makoto Azuma

Makoto Azuma is probably world’s most famous Japanese Flower artist who has introduced the concept of “Botanical Sculpture”.  His most famous and breathtaking work has been “exobotanica”, the launch of flowers to the stratosphere and documenting the journey.

Vicki Rawlins

Vicki Rawlins is an artist who makes floral art portraits through her inspiration from nature. As Rawlins says, “The actual act of creating each piece, for me, is therapeutic, spending lots of time outside walking and foraging, truly in the moment, my eyes scanning every square inch of my surroundings,”. 

Jesuso Ortiz

Jesuso Ortiz is a Spanish artist who turns real life objects into art, especially flowers.He is a true believer in minimalism and simplicity and advices everyone to challenge their inner curiosity.

 Carl Kleiner

“Postures” is a self-initiated project by Carl Kleiner whom is a Swedish artist. His end goal through the project was to give emotional forms and feelings to tulips through positioning. Through his artwork you can see tulips as if they were dancing figures and even looking sad.

Dubai Miracle Garden

One of Dubai’s biggest tourist attraction for flower and garden lovers. Dubai Miracle Garden is world’s largest natural flower garden which holds approximately 150 million flowers in where you can find world’s largest floral sculpture forming a shape of an Airbus plane and Disney characters made from floral displays made from 100,000 plants and flowers.

 Martha Ortiz

Flowers can also be seen in the scenery of culinary arts. Chef Martha Ortiz is a top Mexican Chef who appreciates the use of flowers in her innovative cooking methods. One of Martha’s biggest inspiration has been through the work of Frida Kahlo and the rich history of Mexico. If you are based in London and want to enjoy a one of a kind dining experience Ella Canta at the InterContinental London Parklane should be added to your bucket list! 

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