Earth Day: A Note To Mother Nature

Earth Day: A Note To Mother Nature

  • 22 April, 2020
  • Emily Taylor

It’s hard to work in perfumery and not feel a deep connection to and profound respect for the earth. Our business relies on sun and rain, day and night and time to pass from summer to autumn to winter, then spring and back around. 

Whilst farmers tend to their blooms daily, it is Mother Nature who rules the roost. She decides when the winds blow, the sun shines and the buds bloom.

On Earth Day 2020, we are grateful for the ground on which our flowers grow, for the communities that have evolved at around perfumery and for the reminder of just how blessed we are to enjoy the fruits of the earth in every spritz of Sana Jardin.  

Natures ways, and the circle of life can be both beautiful and devastating at the same time, this has rarely been more poignant than now. Perhaps it’s nature’s way to remind us to live a heart centred life. 

Los Coloradas Pink Lakes



Tiddas, Morocco



Valley of Fire, Las Vegas



Floral studded cactus in Ramona, California by Arielle Vey


Vinicunca, Peru



Monument Valley, Utah Desert

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