Mother Power: Mother’s day notes from Amy

Mother Power: Mother’s day notes from Amy

  • 22 April, 2020
  • Emily Taylor
Shortly before giving birth to my first son I heard an expression that I will remember always - the moment a child is born, a mother is born.

I was surprised by how vulnerable I felt when I became a mother. Being a mother means living the rest of our lives with our hearts walking around outside our bodies because the love of our children is the deepest love one can feel, I believe. Equally, mothers have an extraordinary strength I like to call Mother Power because we have an innate and primal desire to protect and nurture our babies and have the power to call on inner reserves of fortitude to do so.  
We share a universal language of motherhood with all women around the globe. It does not matter what country or culture we are from; it is a bond that connects women on a fundamental level. All that needs to be expressed is a hand over the heart, a shared look in the eye and an empathetic smile that says, “I am a mother, too.” And that message - the shared understanding of the joy and fragility we experience as mothers is an unspoken glue that keeps women united to raise our young to the best of our ability. The world has been raised by an inter-connected community of mothers. 

So, in my perspective, I think every mom and every mother figure (and my own mom) deserve a standing ovation.

Amy ✨

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