Sana Jardin Gift Guide 2020

Sana Jardin Gift Guide 2020

  • 09 November, 2020
  • Emily Taylor

Are you struggling for gift ideas this Christmas or for an upcoming birthday? Or perhaps you are stuck on the question “How do I choose the perfect perfume for someone else?”? 

Here we share with you some of our scent buying top tips, followed by a gift guide to help you purchase the perfect scent for your loved ones.

Tip 1: Pair a scent with the receiver’s personality. Our gift guide below helps you with this.

Tip 2: Think about your relationship with the receiver; heady, bolder notes work well for those you know best, and lighter scents are safer bets.

Tip 3: Think about how, where and when the receiver might wear the perfume. For the ultimate gift, give them another present alongside the scent, so they can enjoy them both together, whilst always thinking of you. Explore our gift pairing ideas below.

If you are still unsure, we are always on hand to help you directly at

Shop Perfume Gift Sets For Her, by Personality:

For someone who embodies the character of a cheery summer’s day. 

This scent sparkles with the essential oil of Moroccan orange blossom, which is prized for its mood-boosting effects.

Pair with Assouline’s Marrakesh Flair Coffee Table Book and she will be in her element.

Tiger By Her Side:

After a difficult year, Tiger By Her Side is a thoughtful gift for those who seek strength and empowerment. 

Enveloping and sensual, it harnesses the strength-giving properties of amber. 

Pair with a pair of Zyne slippers, so she can walk into the New Year strong and ready for the challenges she might face.

Savage Jasmine:

For those who are blooming with optimism and happiness.

Savage Jasmine is practically stripped bare - with just a whisper of musk to anchor it.

Pair with a piece by Rose Electra Harris, to inject more life, colour and happiness into her world.


Celestial Patchouli:

Suited to the free-spirits; the ones who love adventure and mysteries of the universe.

This bewitching bouquet gives patchouli oil an elegant makeover, worlds away from the overpowering versions most of us are used to.

Pair with a Mehry Mu handbag, companion to take with her on her travels.

Nubian Musk:

One for the romantics, the fearless lovers and those who are in touch with nature. 

Designed to mimic the scent of skin and enhance that of your own, this fragrance stars the essential oil of musk – famous for inciting passion and activating the spine’s seven chakras.

Pair with Else lingerie, handmade by female artisans for a sensual gift pairing.

Revolution De La Fleur:

A restorative fragrance, especially good for those who have a natural wanderlust.

An escapist, floral scent, it stars the essential oil of Madagascan ylang-ylang whose energising properties promote inner-strength and a sense of calm.

Pair with a SLIP silk eye mask, the ideal gift duo for a recuperative Christmas. 


Jaipur Chant:

For the feminine, sensual hearts who love deeply and sparkle brightly. 

A fragrance inspired by our founder Amy’s trips to India, Jaipur Chant is centred on the essential oil of the tuberose flower, amplified by enveloping Moroccan jasmine, narcisse and sensual musk.

Pair with a Maryum Zamani Instant Radiance Facial Kit to keep her glowing inside and out.

Fragrance Gifts For Him & Her:

Sandalwood Temple:

Loved by men and women alike, Sandalwood Temple is a unisex delight.

A transporting, otherworldly scent, its essential oil heart note of East Indian sandalwood is a rich woody bouquet, which sings with Moroccan neroli and cedar wood, with verdant undertones of Haitian vetiver oil.

Pair with a Pair of Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas, to inspire long nights of luxurious dreaming.

Still questioning how to gift a perfume? 

Try our Discovery Set to allow the recipient to choose their own favourite.

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